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Castle Clark Bengals

Click on this bar to see new available kittens....Update 1-20-04!!!!  Born New Years Day!!   

Gogees Raja of Castle Clark

Raja received his champion title in his first show.


Welcome to CastleClark Bengals!  We are a small under-foot cattery in Middle-Tennessee.  I fell in love with the breed a couple of years ago and, after much research, got my first baby girl, OaklandHills Maharani of CastleClark.  Rani is a year old now and visiting my male, Gogees Maharaja of CastleClark (aka: Raja), with hopes of kittens this spring. 

On January 1,2004 Sevencielos Mindy of CastleClark, a new 2 year old member of our family, gave birth to five beautiful babies,  four boys and a girl.  They are doing very well and will be available for sale.  Raja is the proud father.

Most of the cats’ time and all of the kittens’ time is spent in our home.  We also have a Cat Castle where Raja spends a lot of time with girls visiting. 

The rest of the four-footed family consists of OaklandHills SassyPants of CastleClark (born last April),  Spotpalace LotusBlossum of CastleClark (HiLo) who is expecting,  and Spotpalace Shiva of CastleClark, all of whom are Brown Spotted Tabbies, and Gogees Tempest of CastleClark (Tempy), my loving, beautiful silver girl, and Spotpalace Chakra of CastleClark, a gorgeous tri-color brown marble girl.  Add to that 2 loveable “cat cats” (Bob and Cassielle), a 90 pound Doberman , a 70 pound Husky mix, a Blue tongue Skink named Hat and 2 black Quarter Horses, Tazan and Precious.  This is a busy home filled with love.

As a breeder my goal is to reach toward the ideal Bengal Standard.  My priorities are health, type ( that makes the Bengal the shape of a Bengal), temperament, and coat.  

Bengals are by nature very active, intelligent and loving. 



Sevencielos Mindy of Castle Clark

Brown Spotted Female

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Gogees Tempest of CastleClark

Silver Spotted Female




Oakland Hills SassyPants of CastleClark

Brown Spotted Female



Photos of all of our other girls coming soon!


 Bonnie Clark

Westmoreland, Tennessee


Registered Member of

The International Bengal Cat Society

The International Cat Association

The International Bengal Breeders Association

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