Designs, music and words by creative and or goofy people for sale on Cafe Press

A while back, I discovered this nifty online service, called Cafe Press, where people could put designs, slogans logos or whatever on shirts and things and offer them for sale with absolutely no expense.
It operates sort of like a drop-shipper for original designs.
Late last year, they added books and CDs to the service, allowing writers and musicians to self-publish without having to pay.
One of the things I love so much about this service is that you can set up as many accounts as you want and have the profit checks mailed anywhere. To anyone. A great way to raise money for charities when you have nothing to spend yourself and no time to volunteer.
This page promotes my and other's shops. If you have a Cafe Press shop, email me with the URL at and I'll include your shop here.
If you are an artist, writer, musician or person who likes making up silly slogans, give Cafe Press a try. It's free.

Jim's fund

all profits from these shops go to AmFAR for HIV and AIDS research.

A portrait of Jim by Spaceboys.
Snippets of Infinity by Christine Schmidt. Paperback poetry and prose.
Somebody said he wanted a tee shirt that said "I dig pale, scrawny boys", so I figured he should be able to get one and raise a little money for AmFAR in the process.

For profit items available

O'CULT and PARTNERS a fantasy novella by Christine Schmidt TECHNICOLOUR WONDERLAND poetry and prose by Christine Schmidt

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