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Welcome to the gallery of my digital art. You can click on any piece you like and be taken to a page where you can buy a copy of that piece on a variety of items.
I enjoy creating digital art and hope that you enjoy seeing my work!

"LabRat's Ass" November 2001

okay. I didn't create LabRat's Ass, it came with the cat. It is the finest example of Cat butts out there. So revel in the glory of LabRat's ass!

"Just Below the Surface" June 2001

"Falling Apart With the Sunset" December 2002

"Secrets" March 2001

"Becoming" Janurary 2001

"Chewing on paper" October 2001

"The Other Side of Nowhere" May 2001

"Inside" August 2001

"Phantom" June 2002

"Depression" Janurary 2002

"Darling Devil" October 2001

"Glamour Bitch" December 2001

"Wake Up" June 2001

"Open" November 2002

"Behind Trick" October 2002

"Try the Truth" June 2001

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